Eifelsteig Part 4: Einruhr to Gemünd

Eifelsteig part 4

All along the Urft

The fourth part of the Eifelsteig offers yet another different kind of scenery than what we’ve witnessed before. The Urft river is a huge presence, and at times quite huge itself as it placidly meanders across the dramatic landscape. There are some utterly spectacular sights along the way, such as the Urft dam and the at times almost dry river beds revealing large swathes of loose shale along the banks. The photo above shows the river from the river bed, as I risked a few broken bones scrambling down the shale on the right hand side. 

This stretch between Einruhr and Gemünd might not be as physically demanding as the third stage was overall, but the part from the Urft dam between the seven and the ten kilometer marks is extremely brutal. Over those three kilometers you’ll be climbing almost 250 meters. That’s more than an eight percent incline with almost no respite. It’s just up. 

The Urft Dam as seen from the south side where the Eifelsteig passes by.

If you want to see the Victor-Neels steel suspension bridge, you’ll have to take a short detour down to the river level when you are near the Vogelsang area. I chose to keep walking that detour and follow the river all the way into Gemünd rejoining the Eifelsteig a couple of kilometers further ahead.  It’s not a shorter track, at least not by much, but you’ll be following the river close at hand instead of from the top of the hills.

A bend in the Urft river

Review of the fourth leg of the Eifelsteig trail

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While I didn’t walk the entire length of this particular stage of the trail taking another path parts of the way, what I did see was magnificent. The meandering Urft river is wide and majestic, the Urft dam is an architectural masterpiece, and then further up towards Gemünd where the river turns into little more than a burbling stream that merges with the Olef river is memorable, if not only for all the kingfishers zooming about! Along the way you have plenty to see, such as the Vogelsang, an old Nazi training ground that’s been turned into a museum and more, the magnificent Victor-Neels steel suspension bridge and again, all the twists and turns the river makes.

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