Eifelsteig Part 7 – Blankenheim to Mirbach

Sunrise over the hills

The Open Sky

The seventh leg of the Eifelsteig is a trek over rolling fields under an open sky. From the source of the river Ahr in Blankenheim (it’s burbles up beneath a house in the old city!), across vast expanses of gentle hills the journey takes you to the tiny village of Mirbach.

While the path in general takes you across beautiful hills, the path out from Blankenheim starts off rather brutally, up the Brotpfad trail. Here the forest is deep, and the path is at times among the steepest you’ll experience on the whole trail. On the summit, still heavily wooded, there is a small hut, the Brotpfad Hütte where you can rest and seek shelter if the weather is bad.

Common buzzard
Common buzzard soaring through the sky

The seventh leg also brings you past the Kalvarienberg. The hill is grazed by sheep and it is dotted with juniper bushes. The view from the top is pretty spectacular as well. The sheep in the picture below is not on the Kalvarienberg, but on another hilltop nearby.

Meadow with sheep
Meadow with sheep, and sky
Kalvarienberg view
View from the Kalvarienberg hill summit
Lampertsbach Tal
Lampertsbach Tal on the border between North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland Palatine.

Review of the seventh leg of the Eifelsteig trail

Things to see

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The trip out from Blankenheim is filled with beauty, but it is somewhat steep. After the Brotpfad you’ll be walking across long stretches of farmland and gently rolling hills. The Kalvarienberg path from the church up onto the hill is lined with red sandstone crosses depicting the stages of Jesus’ crucifixion. The church itself is beautiful, but was unfortunately closed for visitors when I passed through. The view from the hill is as mentioned above spectacular and it’s a very nice spot for resting. From a wildlife perspective there is ample opportunities to see birds of prey. Ospreys, buzzards, falcons and others all hunt the fields you pass on your journey.


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