The Maria Trail Part 2

Gamla Uppsala to Storvreta

The second leg of the Maria trail takes you out into Tiundaland proper, with vast open fields, and some sparse forests. The beauty is marred by the fact that the trail itself isn’t that fun. It’s mainly trekking along busy roads or next to a railway, as well as some modern suburbs towards the end as you near Storvreta. The end point, the church in Storvreta is also just a modern building with no history to speak of. 

When you leave the Old Uppsala church, the trail directs you to walk out to the main road heading north just to the east. Nowadays you can instead follow the rail embankment for a few hundred metres before joining the main road. It’s a much nicer stretch of road, and you’ll be following the main road for a few kilometres anyway before turning off towards Hemringe. The path is clearly marked with the Maria trail sign, see below.


Things to see

Much of this either stretches along a tarmac bike/footpath next to a busy road, or along a forest trail right next to a major train track. There are some meandering parts that wind through a forest in the middle, but a lot of housing development is being done there making modern civilisation a constant reminder. The only things worth seeing are at the start with the 12th century church in Old Uppsala where the leg begins, as well as the iron age mounds with the accompanying museum. As you leave that behind there are no real sights at all. Overall it’s a nice walk, but it feels more like a haul getting to the end rather than an event in itself.

The Maria Trail pilgrim sign is prominently displayed for easy walking.

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