The Maria Trail Summary

Pilgrimage through Tiundaland

There are quite a few pilgrim trails scattered across the world called “the Maria Trail”. This one, named Marialeden in Swedish, winds its way through the flat plains of Uppland starting at the cathedral in Uppsala and finishing by the old church in Tegelsmora, some 80 kilometres or so to the north. The path passes some of the most interesting medieval churches in this part of Sweden along the way, and even though some stretches are just walking on asphalt country roads, the trail also provides some lovely views of the pseudo-wilderness of the county. The Maria trail winds through some of the most historically important sites of Sweden, from Vendel times (6th to 8th century) with their impressive ship burials to the castle where the imprisoned ex-king Eric XIV was murdered by his brother in 1577, allegedly from pea soup laced with arsenic.

Tiundaland is the medieval name for the areas in and around Uppsala, once considered the most fertile in the lands. This pilgrim trail ends in Tegelsmora, but there is a possibility to connect with the “Helgonleden”, The Saint’s Trail, leading all the way to Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway.

The Maria Trail Part 5

Vendel to Tegelsmora The last part of the Maria trail takes us north from Vendel further into the depths of Tiundaland, passing the modern church in Örbyhus and then ending at the medieval church in Tegelsmora. Along the way there

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The Maria Trail Part 4

Vattholma to Vendel Part four of the trail takes us from Lena church all the way to Vendel church, passing the Tensta and Viksta churches along the way. All four churches have medieval ancestry, even though they variously have been

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The Maria Trail Part 3

Storvreta to Vattholma In Storvreta, the Maria Trail splits into two different tracks. One goes directly to the Lena Church in Vattholma, almost straight north, and the other arm heads west to Ärentuna, before turning northwards. The direct route to

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The Maria Trail Part 2

Gamla Uppsala to Storvreta The second leg of the Maria trail takes you out into Tiundaland proper, with vast open fields, and some sparse forests. The beauty is marred by the fact that the trail itself isn’t that fun. It’s

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The Maria Trail Part 1

Uppsala to Gamla Uppsala The first stage of the Maria trail (Marialeden) is identical to the S:t Eric’s Trail (Eriksleden) which starts in central Uppsala, Sweden by the massive gothic cathedral and ends at the 12th century church in Old

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